Spa Treatments

Spa treatments at Aurora Spa, our spa treatments include a tranquil and relaxing massage and body/face care. We use eco-certified skin and hair products from our Arctic nature. We use the brand Care of Gerd with eco-certified skin and hair products from Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland.

The names of our treatments stem from the Sami language. Jaskkodit means ”calm”Fávrrat means “beautiful” and Rakkasjokk means “stream of love”. Rakkasjokk is the Sami name for the stream and waterfall known as Silverfallet in Swedish, that you pass on the way to the mountains of Björkliden, north of Kiruna. A couple who visits the water fall and says “mon ráhkistan du” (I love you) brings luck to their love.


Jaskkodit massage


Give yourself a boost of moisture where we scrub your skin with a silc mitten and then gently massage in a body mask made from shea butter and oil from our Nordic berries. The body treatment is combines with a relaxing face and scalp massage and a nourishing face treatment. Jaskkodit is the word for calm in Sami.

50 min 895 SEK, 80 min 1.295 SEK



Rakkasjokk hot stone massage


A soothing and warming massage that alleviates stress and tension. We use natural aroma oils and warm stones from our beautiful surroundings. Rakkasjokk means “stream of love”.

50 min 895 SEK, 20 min 595 SEK



Enjoy an amazing scalp, face and neck massage and a nourishing face treatment with natural products for your skin type. Fávrrat can also be combined with colour of brows and lashes. Favrrat is the Sami word for beautiful.

 50 min 895 SEK. Brow and lash colour 30 min 495 kr.



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