Cooking evening

Since time immemorial, the Sami people have prepared food using that which the mountains, lakes, rivers and forests had to offer. When the farming pioneers arrived, their crops and domesticated animals were included in what the region offered. Over the centuries, the best of both kitchens has resulted in this region’s traditional fare. Our subarctic wilderness provides a rich abundance of wonderful raw produce, something we really appreciate and wish to offer you as our guest. Let us take you on a gastronomic journey of tastes in our Lapland pantry during our Cooking evening.

Cooking Evening in Andrummet

Your group gathers for an afternoon in Andrummet and is guided in an introductory cooking evening inspired by the Norrland kitchen. The group is guided by an expert cook who will acquaint you with the food and culture that has evolved here through many generations. You will together prepare selected parts of the meal to be served that evening. Following the evening, you will have the opportunity to relax in your rooms before the evening’s highlight. This will be a three-course gourmet meal accompanied by a carefully coordinated drinks package.

As you dine, your waiter will tell you about the particular wines chosen for each course. You will take with you our knowledge of food and drink, and hopefully be inspired in you daily life.

At the closing of the meal, traditional boiled coffee will be prepared directly over the open fire and our conversation revolving around food and culture can continue until long into the night…

The price includes  |  A welcome drink with appetizers, suitable drinks to the food, chef, recipes and lots of knowledge
Price  |  2 164 SEK/person excl. VAT
Price  |  2 470 SEK/person incl. VAT
Numbers of participants  |  Groups of 7–12 people
Book  | +46(0)980–630 00

Not available for booking during summer from mid June to the beginning of September.