Food & Drinks

The fantastic produce, harvested locally, from the region is refined to delicious dishes by the Camp Ripan kitchen. Our wine cellar is stocked with those wines that perfectly complement the flavours of the menu. As our guest, we look forward to guiding you on a memorable culinary journey through the pantry of Swedish Lapland. We know there is something special about getting together around a well-prepared meal.

Andrummet – “The Breathing Space”

A culinary experience out of the ordinary
In Kiruna, where the three cultures of the Sami, Torne Valley Finnish and Swedish meet, you will find our secluded house called Andrummet, which means “breathing space”. This is a place to come together around an open fire, a place to clear your thoughts and where we have chosen the best of the three cultures in order to express them together in our own breathing space. Andrummet is a retreat house created for inspiration with a form and environment like nothing else.

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Wine and Spirits Tasting

Let us guide you in the enchanting world of wine tasting and guide you among the noble spirits such as whiskey, cognac, armagnac and brandy.

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