Warm wilderness safari with SkyArk

Have you ever let yourself be enveloped by nature’s embrace? Then you know the feeling is nearly indescribable. You feel as one with nature. To be able to sit comfortably in a snowmobile ark and view the sky above while being rocked gently over the snowy landscape, is to capture that very feeling. We meet at Camp Ripan where you settle down in one of the snowmobile ark’s bean bags. The trip takes you over lakes and through the old forest where we can encounter the king of the forest or perhaps be surprised by the cunning fox. If we see something moving, we stop so that you can take photos of the wild animals.

We arrive at the tipi to enjoy a coffee break and the sparkling winter landscape around us. We make Gurpi, reindeer and moose meat, over an open fire. The Sami bread njalla is heated by the fire and filled with Gurpi, potato salad and topped with lingonberry. A genuine berry drink is served for the dinner. Finally we compliment the dinner with a local dessert and freshly boiled coffee/tea. If there are any children on the trip, there is a suprise waiting for them.

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