Using five senses to experience sámi life

Welcome to my warm Lávvu in Jukkasjärvi!

Follow my family and I on a journey through eight seasons of the Sámi as we walk with the reindeer from the forest to the mountain. Experience of our Sámi life with your senses.

We start with a step into the Sámi culture and a visit to the Sámi museum. Travelling back thousands of years to take a look at the traditional clothes and tools that were, and are vital, to living in the cold of daily life in the Arctic. Next we gather around the sparkling fire in the Lávvu, the traditional Sámi place to live within nature. Here the journey begins around eight seasons, our life. To be together, young and old, working together and learning from our elders. We are helping each other.

We FEEL the things that are made from the materials from nature. We LISTEN to the Sámi language and the sound of the reindeer. We LOOK at the images from our Sámi life in nature. We TASTE of what nature in Sápmi gives. We SMELL the aroma of newly brewed coffee and traditional sámi flatbread that we have made together.

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