Northern Light Dog Cuddling

Make a kennel visit in the evening for the perfect surroundings and conditions in order to wait for the northern lights As our kennel is situated away from the city there is no light pollution, only clear skies. When we arrive at the kennel the lights are on so you can see how the dogs live in bigger packs and run free in big pens. We introduce you to the dogs and enter the pens then we talk about our kennel and our mindfulness training. If you would like to massage the dogs we are more than willing to teach you how to do it.

We turn off the lights and make an open fire. Around the fire we enjoy the silence, the peace of the dogs and wait for the Milky Way and the northern lights to show as we are drinking a delicious warm drink. You will feel how you start to breath slower and get more and more relaxed with the dogs and nature surrounding you.



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  • Hundar

    Photo: Björn Wanhatalo

  • Norrsken

    Photo: Jan-Åke Fors