Mindfulnesskurs- Trust Technique

Course in how to strengthen the relationship between you and your animal with the help of mindfulness. Ylva Forssén is the owner of a harmonious sled dog kennel with 40 Alaskan huskies. Mindulness is used daily to create a harmonious place for the dogs. At the kennel, you will learn how you can strengthen the relationship with your animals through mindfulness when you get home. It includes both theory and practice and of course a visit to the kennel. You will learn how you, with the help of your calm, can teach your dog to be relaxed at dog meetings, stop barking, be alone at home or anything else you have problems with. Ylva Forssén has a Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma In Mindfulness For People With Their Animals:Trust Technique Practitioner  This qualification provides clear guidelines as to how to deliver The Trust Technique® effectively, safely and within the law whilst retaining the original essence of the technique for the ultimate benefit of animals and people. This is a formal Ofqual regulated qualification (Level 3 Diploma).


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