Kennel visit with pack walk

Welcome to our home and kennel. We live with our children and dogs in a secluded place in the mountains. In our kennel the dogs live in packs in larger pens where they can move freely all day long. We visit the dogs in the kennels and get ready for a pack walk. We bring a number of dogs and head up to the mountain in untouched terrain. During the hike you will enjoy the colours in the nature and the fresh air. From the end of august already the trees are changing colours and it looks different every day. We pass a little mountain creek from which we also can drink the water. From the top we have a spectacular view over the Kalix river and here we make a break before we head back.

The walk is easy uphill for 30 minutes in untouched terrain. Are you not used to walk in nature, there will be a little extra pain in your legs.

sustainable arctic destination

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