Guided tour to Icehotel / Jukkasjärvi

Our local Sámi guide picks you up at Camp Ripan and then we are heading for Jukkasjärvi and Icehotel, which is probably the most wellknown attraction here. But this charming village by the majestic Torne River, has more to offer. We start by visiting the Icehotel, where you can see the fantastic sculptures and the ice rooms in peace on your own. We’re visiting the “Sámi Church” from 1607, which is log timbered and completely built in wood. The Old Homestay with its atmosphere and old timber houses – the oldest from 1768 – gives an impression of the early settlers lifestyle in this arctic environment, and the interaction with the sámi people and their culture. The tour ends with a visit at Nutti Sami Siida. Here is the somewhat different Café Sápmi – a large lávvu (a sami form af tipi) with an open fire inside and comfortable rustic benches. This is a nice place for a hot drink (and/or a cold) drink and piece of pastry of your choice. After this we will head back for Camp Ripan. If you wish to visit the reindeers and more inside Nutti Sami Siida, it is possible to book tickets already while booking the activity with us.

This activity is available as a PRIVATE TOUR on request.

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