Guest Appearance by Fotografiska at Camp Ripan

Sustainable Gastronomy with Fotografiska

On April 17th, we are honored to welcome the culinary team from Fotografiska, led by the esteemed Executive Chef Martin Wall, for an evening where sustainability and gastronomy converge in extraordinary collaboration. This guest appearance in our kitchen features an exclusive three-course menu, carefully prepared alongside our chefs to celebrate and reflect sustainability principles, where the spotlight isn’t on meat but allows other gems to shine.

Fotografiska is renowned not only for its groundbreaking photographic art but also for its innovative culinary philosophy, which continually pushes the boundaries of culinary experiences. Their commitment to sustainability has been internationally acclaimed, evidenced by accolades such as the Guide Michelin Green Star and being named Sweden’s best and most sustainable restaurant.

When | April 17 from 17.00
Menu | Sustainable 3–course menu
Price | 495 SEK, wine package 389 SEK 
Book | or 0980–630 00