Northern light kennel visit and packwalk

At our kennel the dogs lives in bigger packs and run free in big pens. We introduce you to the dogs and talk to about our kennel and teach you how to handle them. We bring some of the dogs out for a walk out on the frozen River Kalix. There is no light pollution in the area so in the pitch dark we walk with head lamps. We stop now and then and turn the lights off and watch the stars, the Milky Way and hopefully the Northern lights. We make a fire at the kennel and enjoy some hot drinks before heading back to town. This tour is very convenient for families. When it is really cold outside it is even better than a sled ride. As we move the whole time we are not getting as cold as when sitting on the sled. It also gives the children a lot of time with the dogs. The afternoon tour starts at twilight but it will soon get dark.

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