Boat tour under the Northern Lights

Among the coniferous trees you see glimpses of golden leaves of the mountain birch. Here and there a white mist laying on top of the water surface. If the stars appear, the guide will tell you about the constellations you can see, far away from lampposts the sky can be stunning. At this time of the year the mythical northern lights are also as clearest, when it turns out in the evening sky. In the middle of this, we take a cup of hot beverage and a bite of something sweet – this before we grab the oars and slowly row back to the riverside with water peacefully clucking around the sides of the rowing boat. Warm clothing is recommended.

Warm clothing is recommended.

  • Båtbild

    Photo: Lina Grankulla

  • Lyktbild

    Photo: Lina Grankulla