Northern lights, astro and landscape photo tour Abisko National Park

Northern lights, astro and landscape photo tour – Abisko National Park – 4 nights

Say Swedish Lapland and images of a pristine mountain landscape, Arctic wildlife, dog sledding and the aluring aurora borealis soon come to mind. This northern lights photo tour brings it all to life! Abisko and Swedish Lapland is without a doubt unrivalled as the best place on Earth to experience the northern lights and Lonely Planet ranked Abisko as the number one location in the world to see the aurora. The towering Scandinavian mountain range to the west creates a rain shadow and in turn guarantees more clear nights than anywhere else under the aurora oval. This also means that Abisko is an excellent place for astrophotography!

Your guide will be LapplandMedia photographer Peter Rosén or Niklas Johansson. Peter Rosén has lived in Abisko for 19 years, has a background as an associate professor in environmental science and is now working full time as a professional photographer. He is also the photographer behind the books Aurora Borealis in Lapland and Midnight Sun over Swedish Lapland. Niklas is a musician and has worked in the field of digital photography ever since Photoshop 1.0 was launched over 20 years ago. The history of the breathtaking nature and exciting culture of Lapland is an essential part of every tour. Your guide will tell you about the Sami culture that is an integral part of this region, the fascinating science behind the northern lights, the unique ecosystem you are in and how it has been shaped by natural forces over the millennia. The animals and vegetation are specialized to survive this climate, from the lichens clinging to rocks up to the majestic moose. Every photo you shoot captures some aspect of Lapland culture, science and history.

We can help you to extend your tour
We can recommend you to add two extra nights at Camp Ripan in Kiruna including full board, activities and all transfers. Choose between snow mobile tour, dogsledding, evening aurora photo tour with Sami photographers or visit the Sami people and get knowledge about their daily life.

The itinerary may change due to unforeseen conditions.

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Please observe that the booking has to be done at least 14 days prior to departure.

Watch two stunning auroras films made by Peter Rosén, here and here.

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