Dinner in the spirit of the northern lights

“Suddenly it’s just there. From void to magnificence. Without a sound. Mysterious. Brilliant. Mythical. Dancing.
We realize our insignificance when we lift our gaze towards space and it fills with billowing silent cascades of colour.
Then. From magnificence to void. We lower our gaze. Look upon our surroundings again. In reverence. In silence. Fascinated by what we just witnessed.”

Our kitchen invite you to an unforgettable evening in a unique environment. The evening´s menu is inspired by the northern lights and based on our delectable local produce. Our chef begins with local culinary traditions, spicing them with creative tastes, colures and forms. The evening’s theme is enriched by the spellbinding slideshow about the northern lights.

We warmly welcome you to a journey through gastronomical, musical and cultural tastes.

A drink package, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, that perfectly complements the meal can be purchased if desired.