Environment and quality

We can with great pride announce that we have since 19th of February 2015 achieved the Nordic Ecolable ”svanen” or ”the Swan”!

“A swan labeled hotel-, restaurant-, conference business has taken a holistic approach to their environmental work and succeeding in passing the swans though criteria. The company aims, with the help of the swan, towards a sustainable society. The staff works in several areas to avoid straining the environment. To get the mark “the swan” you have to, for example, pass some key values. Energy consumption, which is one of the key values, is one of the areas with the largest impact on our environment.”

See our Nordic Ecolabel licence here.
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Sustainable arctic destination

The certification “Sustainable Arctic destination” is a quality label developed by Kiruna Lapland, with the long term goal to be able to certify Kiruna as a sustainable destination. In March 2018 Camp Ripan were, together with three other companies, the first ones to receive the certification. Our goal is to find a balance where tourism contributes to an improvement of social and economic conditions, whilst environmental, natural and cultural values are preserved. In order to make this vision a reality, sustainability has to be a natural core tenet of Kiruna’s tourism strategy.

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Camp Ripan fights for the environment

The operations around a facility like Camp Ripan are complex and being environmentally aware is always a part of our daily routine. Our goal is to continuously work to minimize our environmental impact. Environmental consideration is reflected in our choice of suppliers and produce in the restaurant as well as when we furnish the facility and choose which cleansers to use. As our guest, you can contribute by, for example, using the same towel and bed linens during your entire stay. This will benefit both the environment and our sensitive mountain nature. Please contact us if you would like to know more about Camp Ripan’s environmental work.


With focus on local character

Camp Ripan shall strive to strengthen the company’s local character. This will be done by prioritizing local contractors and products as far as possible concerning quality, service, economy and availability. We shall also preserve and emphasize valuable local nature and cultural treasures. To continue our contribution to sustainable development on a local level, Camp Ripan shall cooperate with and respect local actors and create a dialogue between tourism businesses, land owners and reindeer herdsmen. Camp Ripan’s entire operation – accommodations, food, activities, functions and transportation – shall be included in this policy.


Nature’s Best

We are happy about and very proud of our new Nature’s Best certification.
The jury’s motivation:
“An important operator that has taken on the principles of ecotourism with respect and sincerity. Here local produce is transformed into culinary delicacies that guests can enjoy after exciting trips with local activity providers. Accommodations are surprisingly stylish with a mix of Scandinavian and Sami influences and the hotel has a strict environmental policy. So take the night train to Kiruna and enjoy being pampered in Ripan’s comfortable amenities before embarking on a range of exciting adventures.”

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