Solar Egg


Experience the magic of Kiruna in Sweden’s most unique sauna. Enjoy views of the mountains to the sound of the fire crackling in the heart-shaped wood stove. During 2017, the Solar Egg will be moved around between postcards beautiful places in Kiruna vicinity, April 22 to May 20, the Solar Egg is standing at Riksbyggen plot in Luossavaara area.

Solar Egg can accommodate up to 8 people and is heated by a heart-shaped wood stove. The plated exterior is composed of 69 bits stainless steel reflecting their environment. Riksbyggen is the first out when the starting gun goes for urban transformation in Kiruna. We are celebrating by giving the city the Solar Egg, an artwork that symbolizes energy, hope and community. In partnership with Camp Ripan Kiruna, we offer residents an unforgettable sauna experience.

Riksbyggen’s residential apartments at Luossabacken will be one of the first construction projects of Kiruna’s city transformation and will have views of the Arctic fells. A housing cooperative owned by its members, Riksbyggen wants to give Kiruna a unique natural and cultural experience that reflects the city’s location and puts people at the forefront. Solar Egg captures Kiruna’s fantastic spirit and its sauna traditions.

Bigert & Bergström have a longstanding fascination with humanity’s relationship to climate, nature, energy and technology. They gained international prominence with their climate chamber designed for World Expo in Lisbon in 1998. In 2015, Bigert & Bergström covered the peak of Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, with an insulating coat to examine whether geo-engineering could help to slow glacial melting. Solar Egg shifts that focus to practical use.

  • Solar Egg 2

    Illustration: Riksbyggen and Zynka

  • Solar Egg 3

    Illustration: Riksbyggen and Zynka