Reindeer sledding with lunch

Experience the ancient sámi way of transportation in wintertime with reindeer and ackja (sámi sled).
We go by transfer from Camp Ripan to Rensjön, a small sámi village situated 30 kilometer west of Kiruna. After a short walk we reach the paddock with the reindeer. We harness them and take place in the sleds, two people in each. The sleds are comfortably bedded with reindeer skins. Voujan, the harnessed reindeer will take us on a five kilometer long rip through the wintery mountain landscape around Rensjön. After this refreshing outdoor activity we have lunch in the goahti (sámi tepee) by the fire. Traditional sámi soup served with gahkku (sámi bread), all homemade. Coffee is boiled on the open fire. Throughout your stay, you will also get to learn more about the Sami people, their customs, practices and traditions of the past and present. You also get to know more about the reindeer herders lives and what the relocation of Kiruna means from a Sami perspective.

  • renkörning

    Photo: Björn Wanhatalo

  • ren natur

    Photo: Björn Wanhatalo

  • Lunch

    Photo: Marja Kuhmunen