Catch your fish in the dawn

Have you felt the joy of catching your own fish and broiling it over the fire? You will love it! Join us on a peaceful morning at the Torne river, where lots of fish beaks the glassy water surface. We row out and learn to empty the nets. We urgently look for fish such as grayling, whitefish and salmon trout, which you often see flop in the nets. A warm beverage heats our hands while the boat flows on the river. When the sun rises over the horizon and the river lays like a mirror we sit down around a fire at the bank. With instructions from our guide we broil our catch and enjoy the delicious meal. Natural, fresh and good!

Warm clothing is recommended.

  • Fiskfångst

    Photo: Lina Grankulla

  • Roddbåt

    Photo: Lina Grankulla