A culinary experience with a taste of Sápmi

“The polar night settles down upon the snow white landscape. Silence is broken by the sound of faint bells somewhere far off. The reindeer herd approaches. Here we’ll put up camp for the night. Raise the lavvo. Fires ablaze. The reindeer impatiently stamp hooves and snort for the satisfaction of hay, blending with the laughter of children finally climbing out from the cozy hide-lined sleds and running to play in the glistening snow. The joy of fond reunion with the place, people and memories from past generations’ tales weave themselves between the sounds of the solidarity of yoik around the fire and the aromas rising from the simmering kettles. The evening is one to be. An evening to experience. An evening for coming generations to remember…”

Our Master Chef invites you on a journey of tastes, colours, shapes, sounds and light from Sápmi. The menu is the result of gathered inspiration from traditional Sámi recipes, spiced with a “new approach” and influences from around the globe.

The dinner begins in the Northern Lights Room with the picture show Boazu Nieida (The Reindeer Girl). For a full year, you follow a young Sámi woman, Katarina Poggats Sarri, and her family to gain insight on how the Sámi live in today’s modern society.

The Dinner is served in our Andrum, Breathing Space, a separate wing inspired by our three cultures – the Sámi, Torne Valley Finnish and Swedish. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the wing entice time and space to disappear and you become one with the landscape on the other side. During the meal we will also tell you the history behind the dishes set in their cultural context. Truly an evening to remember.

A warm welcome to a gastronomical and cultural journey of tastes!

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    Photo: Björn Tesch

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    Photo: Jonas Sundberg