A culinary experience in the spirit of the northern lights

“Suddenly it’s just there. From void to magnificence. Without a sound. Mysterious. Brilliant. Mythical. Dancing.
We realize our insignificance when we lift our gaze towards space and it fills with billowing silent cascades of colour.
Then. From magnificence to void. We lower our gaze. Look upon our surroundings again. In reverence. In silence. Fascinated by what we just witnessed.”

Our Master Chef invites you to an unforgettable evening in the spirit of the northern lights in our Andrum, Breathing Space. The menu interprets the northern lights and is based on the wonderful raw produce found in the Kiruna area, where we hold traditions in trust, spiced with innovative tastes, colours and shapes.

This theme is intensified with a spellbinding northern lights picture show in our Northern Lights Room. Here you can conclude the evening in comfortable lounge chairs and hopefully experience the northern lights through the panorama windows.

This wonderful dinner experience is served in our Andrum, a separate wing inspired by our three cultures – the Sámi, Torne Valley Finnish and Swedish. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the wing entice time and space to disappear and you become one with the landscape on the other side.
During the meal we will tell you more about how the dishes interpret the northern lights.
Truly an evening to remember.

A warm welcome to a gastronomical and cultural journey of tastes!

  • Kökschef

    Photo: Björn Wanhatalo

  • Andrummet

    Photo: Jonas Sundberg